Saturday, 1 November 2014


Goth at the BBC was pretty good after all the campaigning. 

Just a few quibbles:
  • Bela Lugosi's Dead wasn't the first goth single. The Staircase Mystery came out 5 months earlier and is the fully formed goth 'sound'.
  • With The Cure's Oxford Roadshow and Riverside performances in the vaults they chose the ungoth-like "The Walk" from TOTP. Go figure! Also incorrectly labelled as their first post-'dissolution' single. That was "Let's Go To Bed".
  • A stretch to include Depeche Mode as goth (and I'm a fan), but hey, they are in that ball park in the States so I'll let the BBC off.
  • Strawberry Switchblade labelled as "goth-lite". The album was over-produced (albeit still good), but their John Peel sessions quite happily started them off in the goth-folk arena inhabited by All About Eve.
  • Talking of which, where were All About Eve?
  • Not P J Harvey's gothiest number but good to see her included.

Overall thumbs up and good to see "Beauty of Poison" get an outing 

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